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Commercial and Industrial Contractors in South Central Kentucky

Located in Somerset, Kentucky, D. C. Trimble, Inc. is a family-owned, local commercial contractor  as well as an authorized metal building erector for CECO Building Systems.  

In 1967, D. C. Trimble and his wife Elaine started a family-owned, residential construction  company named Trimble Builders. Their first project was a new home for D. C.’s mother. Around  this time, local manufacturing companies increased production and many families relocated to  Pulaski County. Proximity to the Ferguson-based companies made Indian Hills and Southern Hills  (formerly the Trimble farm) a desired location. While the homes were being built, Elaine assisted  customers with interior design. As the need for single family homes grew, Trimble Builders also  grew. Through these years they oversaw the construction of over two hundred homes in the  Lake Cumberland area.  

By January of 1976, when interest rates had climbed and housing construction had slowed, Mr.  Trimble and four business partners launched a commercial construction company called Pentco  Construction, Inc. That company later changed its name to D. C. Trimble, Inc. and D. C. and  Elaine became sole owners.  

When Mr. Trimble passed away in 2002, Elaine became president and Scott Hail was promoted  to CEO. Along with long-time estimator Larry Adington and a talented crew that included Lowell  and Tim Daulton and Desmon Dalton, the company continued and built some of its largest  projects to date. Elaine once stated, “We always tried to build everything as if we were building  it for ourselves. We never wanted to cut any corners because it was our name on the product.”  

In 2009, Mrs. Trimble retired, and company ownership was transferred to her children, Teresa  Hail and Ryan Trimble. Teresa joined the company as president and CEO. She recalls growing up  around construction, “My transition from banking to construction was made easier because I  already knew everyone on a first name basis. I grew up in an atmosphere where business was  discussed around the family table. Depending on who picked me up from school, I would either  ride along with mom who regularly stopped to pick out paint, light fixtures or appliances or ride  with dad who stopped by job sites before the crew left for the day. I loved playing in sandpiles  and collecting metal slugs.”  

With a background in technology, Teresa has helped transition the business into the current era  of construction and continues to implement the principles and ethics set in place by her parents.  Over fifty years since that first home was built, D. C. and Elaine’s grandsons are working at the  family business. Chris Hail serves as Business Development Manager and Cameron Hail as Project  Manager. Longtime employee Tim Daulton, with nearly 50 years of construction experience,  serves as Field Superintendent and specializes in erecting metal buildings. And Greg Baber joined  us in 2020 as our Estimator, adding another 40 years of experience in masonry, project  management and estimating.